Mercier Engineering announces that of this date, July 19, 2008 it will heretofore refer to and claim origination of its unique hydronic piping configured supply and return manifolds based on the use of pipe crosses as an “Iron Cross Manifold™”.

Further, all of Mercier Engineering’s subsequent designs, build and install boiler configurations will employ the “Iron Cross Manifold™” as a product performance enhancement feature wherever applicable on supply and return piping configurations.

To date this technique has been employed specifically on overhead multi-circulator supply and single point purge return manifolds, some of whom are pictured on this site. It has corresponding benefits as well with zone valve based systems that we intend to incorporate into our designs.

As background we offer that Mercier Engineering has been developing practical and durable black iron piping configurations specifically for the unique and efficient Weil-McLain Ultra Oil “Triple Pass” Boilers in an effort to maximize their performance while improving installation practice for improved economic benefit. The resultant is a structurally superior, durable, flexible, very serviceable and efficient alternative to the usual copper pipe built-in-place installation practice. To this end our boiler replacements have used minimal to no, and yes have in fact netted surplus copper pipe! That cost benefit alone is currently notable.

Mercier Engineering has focused on Weil-McLain’s Ultra Oil Boiler, but the “Iron Cross Manifold ™” is applicable to their Gold Oil and Ultra Gas Series as well. It is our intent to provide these applications ONLY. We are exclusive to the Weil-McLain Product Line and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

See also our Pre-Built System announcement.