About Us

Our Home Page introduction statement summarizes our technical efforts to date.

As Manufacturing Engineering Consultants, Mercier Engineering has participated in “Hi-Tech” as Process Specialists throughout the “Computer Revolution” and beyond.

While pursuing our technical specialty we maintained a parallel effort in the “Trades”, specifically as Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Jobbers in a family business begun over fifty years ago by our parents. This effort has been a rewarding expedient as a supplementary income while raising our large, and extended family. In so doing “we got our hands dirty” while wearing our engineering hats. Approaching the Heating Trade in particular with manufacturing engineering eyes affords us a very differing perspective.

Heating Products have progressed well and improved significantly in both efficiency and performance, but that’s where it stops. We are still using the same installation methods practiced fifty years ago. Bring all of the components to the site, move in with tools and assemble them to suit the site physicals. These methods and results vary with the installer, according to his technique and experience.

Arguably the “on-site method” is not only inefficient in labor, material costs and utilization, but the functional results are also compromised. Excessive and misapplied materials run up project costs and impede performance. Witness the perpetual efforts by Heating Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers to train and qualify technicians!

This is the motivation behind our introductory product, the Delta-T System.

Please review our materials, and in particular refer to our Blog Library for more detail.