A Forced Hot Water (FHW) Heating System is designed to efficiently provide energy distribution to heated areas. This is accomplished by combusting a fuel in a boiler and moving the heated water through radiation to warm the desired environment.

However, to accomplish this most efficiently requires:

  1. A high-efficiency appropriately sized and fired boiler.
  2. Properly proportioned and positioned radiation for each heated area.
  3. Idealized, simultaneous energy delivery of heated water to all radiation, irrespective of heating demand patterns.

Practically however, none of these elements are absolutely correct, nor can they be. Boilers and radiation are almost never idealized for efficiency, but the third (energy distribution) is typically the most poorly executed of all. You must deliver heated water at an ideal rate for maximum heating transfer efficiency. Common distribution systems typically consist of:

  1. Dedicated circulators for each zone, or
  2. A common circulator with a zone valve for each zone.

These configurations do not perform efficiently in practice, and in particular zone valves.

“Delta-T” is a technical connotation. “Delta” (from the Greek letter ∆) is difference, or differential. “T” designates temperature. Thus Delta-T (∆T) is “temperature differential”.

The Delta-T Continuously Variable Speed Circulator  employs temperature sensors attached to the boiler supply and returns points. It measures and maintains the ideal temperature differential by infinitely adjusting its water delivery rate (pump speed) to suit. Coupled with the new Low Energy, High Flow Zone Valves this technology maximizes the efficiency of any hydronic system with dramatically reduced electrical power consumption.

Additionally, this system also smooths the performance of your existing radiation by typically eliminating hydronic whistle from over-sped, heating lag and imbalance from under-sped zones.

No costly control system is necessary! The innate intelligence of the Delta-T Circulator teamed with the self-diagnostic capability of this new generation “Green” Zone Valve simplifies wiring, installation and diagnosis.

It’s a Terrible System. Terribly Simple – Terribly Efficient!