We recently upgraded an oil boiler for a single, elderly WWII Veteran and self-admitted perfectionist. He built his home in 1956 with a brother and friends from sawing the lumber to literally driving every nail in the place, and it is beautiful! It would be a candidate for the Better Homes & Gardens Showcase of its time.

Thus it was no greater surprise to discover an American Standard Arcoliner, a premium vintage boiler in absolutely fantastic condition for its age. Along with it, our client’s dissertation on its history, maintenance, observed firing patterns, etc. (Every replaced nozzle (lots of them) was lined up on a shelf on his workbench.)

Our customer had read the manuals, tech sheets et al related to our Weil-McLain Gold Boiler before startup. Upon seeing the system come to life, he immediately focused on the Hydrolevel 3250 Master Aquastat that was brightly displaying boiler water temperature along with a series of red, yellow and green status lights. As the system warmed we monitored and explained all of the readings and light display changes and then its normal operating characteristics. Since then he has given us boiler temp and firing patterns that we will use to adjust his system.

It is obvious that our customer will be fixated on his new “baby” forward. Not only is it a new area of interest, but will positively occupy him to a predictable economic benefit in the future. (We are awaiting a deep cold cycle to possibly adjust his boiler firing rate to suit.) These observations have led us to suggest that this FHW (Forced Hot Water) System Upgrade may be just the gift to not only occupy an inveterate “twiddler”, but also provide an economic benefit in the process. It’s “the gift that keeps on giving”, as the adage goes.

Whether you the reader fit this profile, or a spouse, friend or whomever, the results should be the same. Installing this device on your applicable heating system will ultimately benefit the owner while keeping him out of mischief. You cannot blow anything up, but on the other hand your home and/or DHW (Domestic Hot Water) temperatures may be affected as low temperature adjustment limits are reached. The solution is obviously to readjust these, much as one (or more) plays with a thermostat. There is also a “factory default” feature that resets everything so that the twiddle cycle can commence again.

So, check first that your particular system is applicable for upgrade to this truly modest cost and efficient device. Then decide whether your subject recipient is capable of installing it or have it done by a qualified tradesman. In any case you will hopefully benefit in more ways than just economically.

Let the twiddling begin!