Hydronic (Hot Water) Heating System Document Available

Subject: Mercier Engineering document entitled: Hydronic (Hot Water) Heating System Specification

We have created an extensive, hyper-linked document specifically designed to inform current and potential Hydronic (Hot Water) System Owners of the various design variations available and the economics of each. The flexibility of this document is noteworthy in that you can opt for a detail level that suits your needs. Just “Click & Surf” through your individual interests and needs. Just e-mail us at info@boilersondemand.com for a response copy attachment. NO OBLIGATION.

Fifty-plus years of Heating Installation and Service work on over a thousand systems has convinced us that the owner needs help. There are many plumbers, fuel dealers, installers and servicemen serving the heating system market, but unfortunately like in any market their effectiveness varies. Our purpose is not to be judgmental or critical but only to share with you the products of our experience. This document addresses with hyper-links for each:

  1. Fuel Selection and Economics
  2. Current Fuel Prices (NH only)
  3. Considering Heating AND Hot Water together as a System
  4. Economics of a single heat source
  5. Availability of OPM (Other People’s Money)
  6. Efficiency Ratings and their value
  7. Venting options and considerations
  8. System configuration options with comments
  9. Hydronic Component recommendations (to save Service Calls)
  10. Quote Documentation — What to ask for
  11. System Economics — ROI (Return-on-Investment) and Payback

Also note that this document is limited to a Central Hydronic Heating Source discussion. The types and applications of radiation are extensive and must necessarily be discussed separately, but as a part of the complete system. Other documentation is available within our and our supplier files (Specifications, Manuals, Tech Bulletins, Warrantees, etc.) including a few customer installation photos. These are the “Before & After” and “Tough Job” variety things and need corresponding explanation detail.

Last Edit: 10/10/2012 pdm