Services designs, builds and markets substantially pre-built and assembled Engineered Hydronic (FHW) Systems. These products are typically intended to be installed by others at their points-of-use and are sold F.O.B. our facility in Antrim, New Hampshire and priced accordingly.

However, they are heavy and require careful, safe handling practices. We have adapted from our experience a dedicated equipment dolly with fixturing and handling aids for this purpose.

The options are therefore:

  1. Utilize our dolly with contracted, trained personnel for delivery, or
  2. Incur a crating charge and hire or provide a carrier service.

             Note: Both of these are “For-Fee” services.

Additional Post-Delivery Services offered:

  1. Full Installation Service offered for NH Replacements Only.
  2. Partial installation to the degree that site applicable Codes permit.
  3. Loose piece fit up for exhaust (flue pipe), piping orientation and pre-fit as applicable to the degree that site applicable Codes permit.

            NOTE: Request a Quotation for any Post-Delivery Services.


For any and all services beyond a product delivery and approximate positioning a signed “Save Harmless Agreement” is required. No exceptions!

The customer is responsible for obtaining and providing any applicable Permits, both prior and post-installation. These include Installation, Inspection and Operation Permits and specific installation details (proximities, fire containment and/or attenuation, etc.).

Specific details and conditions must be provided prior to contracting service(s).